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Rig Centerpiece Design

Custom rig design is our specialty. We can design a fit for purpose rig to suit your needs. If your timeline doesn't allow for a custom design we have stock designs that fit most land based drilling programs. Whether you need a small fast moving carrier style rig or a big swing up rig capable of pulling 1.5 million lbs; Headwater's engineers have proven design skills, rig knowledge and manufacturing experience to ensure your project gets built to spec. Our designs include:

  • Custom designs
  • All CAODC classifications of masts
  • Substructures - Wheeled, stepdown, box, box on box, self-elevating
  • Arctic rigs
  • Desert rigs
  • Service rigs
  • Complete API Documentation Packages

Design Engineering

  • Pre Rig Project Feasibility Studies - Concept and 3D Modeling
  • Custom Rig and System Designs - Design Licensing
  • Product Development - Scope, Analyze, Design Verify, Project Management
  • Product Modification - Rig Refurbishment, Upgrading/Uprating
  • Design Reviews and Analysis - Third Party
  • Redesign Work
  • Structural Finite Element Analysis
  • Fluid Power Systems for Hydraulic and Pneumatic Circuits
  • Verified Structural Designs - Complete Documentation Packages

Inspections and Certifications

The engineers at Headwater have years of experience completing inspections, audits and investigations on drilling equipment worldwide. Our inspectors and engineers follow a detailed inspection and audit plan that provides thorough verification of the rig and produces a detailed report and recommendations.

Headwater Engineers can help you with:

  • Level 3 and 4 Inspections and Certifications
  • Provincial Inspections, Certifications and Regulation Compliance
  • Professionally Licensed in APEGA, APEGBC, and APEGS Engineers
  • Thickness and Corrosion testing


Headwater Engineering has a wealth of experience evaluating and repairing rigs and offers 24/7 on call inspection and repair supervision service. Our engineers keep their passports and immunizations up to date so they are ready for quick deployment around the world and are experienced at working in remote locations locally and internationally. We are familiar with the different material availabilities, safety procedures, work procedures, and transportation restrictions in the different oil regions of the world. Wherever your rig may be, Headwater Engineering can assist you with:

  • Structural straightening
  • Repairing damage from transportation or operation
  • Limited material availability

Accident Investigations

  • Accident Site Inspections
  • Insurance and Workplace Health and Safety Investigations
  • Failure Analysis
  • Expert Witness Testimony
our services

Headwater Engineering uses state of the art engineering applications

our services
our services