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Headwater Engineering - Rig Roamer ™ Walking System

Our Rig Roamer ™ walking system is truly unique. In most cases, Headwater Engineering can add the walking system into existing rigs or, if it’s a new build, during construction. Our walking systems offer unparalleled mobility, ground pressures, and speed. We design platform type systems also. We have found that with moving systems, one size does not fit all. Our experience and rig knowledge ensures that your customized walking system solution suits your drilling program. Please contact us for in person information and presentation.

Our automated rig walking system is designed to be safer, lighter and more maneuverable. Unlike many "stomper" type walking systems, this system needs no manual adjustments for a change of direction thanks to our innovative technology and roller control system.

The Rig Roamer ™ walking system technology is suitable for a rig centerpiece or for an entire drilling platform. With low pressure hydraulics it is designed for easy maintenance and operation. In most cases Headwater Engineering can add the Rig Roamer ™ walking system into your existing rig with no drill floor or elevation change.

See our Rig Roamer ™ walking system in action!

Rig Roamer ™ Walking System - Features

  • Integrated or as an add-on
  • Full rig platform rover
  • Steerable with remote
  • Ultra low pad pressures
  • Movement in X-Y or any angle in between
  • 360 degree rotation in both directions